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 Lhasa and Mount Kailash Tour
 Destination: Gyantse, Shingatse, saga,
 Lhatse, Paryang, Manasorvar, kailash
 Maximum Altitude: 5500M.
 Best time to visit: April, May, June,
 Aug, Sep & Oct
 Everest Base Camp Tour
 Destination: Nyalam, Tingri, Gyantse,
 Mt. Everest Base Camp, Shigatse, Lhasa
 Maximum Altitude: 5220M.
 Best time to visit: Jan, Feb, March,
 April, May, June, Aug, Sep & Oct
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 Home Expedition in Tibet
TIBET has number of Himalayan peaks which are more than 6000m high, among them the most popular are Everest 8848, Cho Oyu 8201m, Shishapangma 8035, Gurlamandata and Nyicheng Gangsang. These are all allowed for foreigners to climb. We provide all kind of arrangements to climb these peaks including climbing permission from China Tibet Mountaineering association and the requirements of Yaks for carrying loads for expedition, guides, Cooks, Liaison officer and customs clearance facilities.
We have the scheduled plans of departures for the expedition to Tibet. So clients are requested to visit us on own web page as above. We are the most experienced expedition operator who have the abundance knowledge of climbing in this field for last many years. So please join with us confidently to drive away all of your worries for the expedition

Gurla Mandata Expedition
This spectacular Gurla Mandata massif (7624m)makes up part of the western section of the Himalaya range lying in the Burang region of Tibet. Called Namo Nanyi meaning "Fairy's Peak" by local people, Gurla Mandata is a close neighbour to the sacred Mount Kailash, which lies to its north. Gurla Mandhata is made up of six ridges. The western ridge is shaped like a fan and stretches from north to south, while the eroded east ridge forms extremely steep cliffs. Also to the north lies the holy lake Manasorover and Langatso.

Gurla Mandata was first climbed in 1985 by a Sino Japanese expedition. This 7000er has been climbed only five times since the first ascent up until now. This is rather amazing given the fact that the mountain was attempted as early as 1902.

The ascent takes place on the northern slope through the Zalompa glacier. The scenery is magnificent; down below stretches the arid Tibetan plateau enhanced in beauty by the sparkling lakes Manasorovar and Rakyas with Mount Kailash as the backdrop. The climbing is relatively safe with the route crossing the left side of the glacier to reach a plateau under the summit's ridge. Base camp is at the foot of the glacier at 5600m.
Day01: Trek Manipeme to Sher and drive to Purang, Guest House
Day02: Drive to Manasarovar, Camp 80km
Day03: Drive about 2 hrs from Manasarovar and start trek around Manasarovar lake with yaks, Camp
Day04: Trek to Chinese base camp, Camp
Day05: Trek to Gurla Mandata Base Camp, Camp
Day06: Acclimatization on glacier portion, camp at Base Camp
Day07: Climbing time with suitable weather.
Day08: 1st Camp/Climbing
Day09: 2nd camp/Climbing
Day10: 3rd camp/Climbing
Day11: Climbing (watching of favorable weather)
Day12: Climbing Period
Day13: Climbing Period
Day14: Climbing Period(watching of favorable weather)
Day15: Climbing Period
Day16: Climbing Period
Day17: Climbing Period
Day18: Go down to the Base camp
Day19: Drive to Purang, Guest House
Day20: Drive to Sher and cross Nepal Border.
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Mt. Nyicheng Gyansong Expedition
Mt. Nyicheng Gyansong, the highest snow peak around Nagartse, is located 30 km from Nagartse county, and 180km from Lhasa. It is one of the biggest glaciers on the Lhasa-Gyantse route.
Day01: Fly to Ganggar Airport and drive to Lhasa O/H Keychu H
Day02: Lhasa Sightseeing
Day03: Lhasa Sightseeing
Day04: Drive to Ganden Monastery and climbing Mt,Anguri (acclimatization) and back to Lhasa 47km
Day05: Rest day and shopping
Day06: Drive to Nagatse VIA Yamdrak Lake O/H
Day07: Drive to Nyicheng Gyansang Basecamp O/H Camp
Day08: 1st Camp/Climbing
Day09: Climbing Period
Day10: Climbing Period
Day11: Climbing Period
Day12: Climbing Period
Day13: Climbing Period
Day14: Drive back to Lhasa
Day15: Fly out /Nepal
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