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 Lhasa and Mount Kailash Tour
 Destination: Gyantse, Shingatse, saga,
 Lhatse, Paryang, Manasorvar, kailash
 Maximum Altitude: 5500M.
 Best time to visit: April, May, June,
 Aug, Sep & Oct
 Everest Base Camp Tour
 Destination: Nyalam, Tingri, Gyantse,
 Mt. Everest Base Camp, Shigatse, Lhasa
 Maximum Altitude: 5220M.
 Best time to visit: Jan, Feb, March,
 April, May, June, Aug, Sep & Oct
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The Guge Kingdom was founded in the tenth century by a descendant of the King Lang Darma, who fled from Lhasa after the collapse of the Tubo Kingdom. The Guge Kingdom survived about 700 years and disappeared mysteriously in the 17th century. The Guge ruins lie at a hill top near a river and cover 180,000 square meters. Houses, cave dwellings, monasteries and stupas are distributed on the hill and surrounding areas. There are palaces set on the sumit and monasteries on the mountain side. The kingdom was enclosed by walls and also had many tunnels. Some of the structures remain in good condition at this time. The Guge Kingdom is famous for its murals. Sculptures and stone inscriptions can also be found on the surviving structures. The White palace, Red palace, Yamantaka Chapel, Tara Chapel and Mandala Chapel all still exist in good condition.

Guge Kingdom: The attractions of Guge Kingdom Trek/Tour are the Hidden Guge Kingdom, Guge Valley, Tsaparang Castle, Tholing Monastery, Palaces and Monasteries under Guge Kingdom, Zhada country, holy Mt. Kailash, Trekking around Mt. Kailash, Manasarover, high passes, Land and golden hills on the way to Guge, walking and camping in Tibet etc.
The Heart of Tibetan Civilization tour
Day01: Fly Kathmandu to Lhasa and drive to Tsedang Overnight Snow Pigeon Hotel (100km)2hrs
Day02: Sightseeing tour
Day03: Drive to Lhasa on the way visit Samye Overnight Shangbala & Keychu Hotel (262km)5hrs
Day04-05: Sightseeing tour within Lhasa
Day06: Lhasa to Gyantse Overnight Gyantse Hotel (260km)6hrs
Day07: Gyantse to Shigatse Overnight Hotel Manasarova & Shigatse Hotel (90km)2hrs
Day08: Shigatse to Lhatse Overnight (150km)3hrs
Day09: Lhatse to Saga Overnight Guesthouse (280km)6hrs
Day10: Saga to Paryang Overnight Yak Guesthouse (170km)5hrs
Day11: Paryang to Manasarovar (Chiu Gompa) Overnight Guesthouse
Day12: Chiu Gompa to Darchen Overnight Darcheng Hotel
Day13: Drive to Darboche and trek to Dera Phuk Gomba Overnight Guesthouse & Camp (4860m)
Day14: Dera Phuk Gomba to Zutul Phuk Overnight Guesthouse & Camp (4750m)
Day15: Finish trek and drive to Tirtha Puri
Day16: TirthaPuri to Guge Kingdom Overnight Guesthouse
Day17: Sightseeing around
Day18: Guge Kingdom to Tirthapuri Overnight Guesthouse
Day19: Tirthapuri to Gosul Gomba Overnight Camp
Day20: Gosul Gomba to Paryang Overnight Guesthouse
Day21: Paryang to Saga Overnight Guesthouse
Day22: Saga to Nyalam Overnight Guesthouse
Day23: Nyalam to Zhangmu / Kathmandu
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