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 Lhasa and Mount Kailash Tour
 Destination: Gyantse, Shingatse, saga,
 Lhatse, Paryang, Manasorvar, kailash
 Maximum Altitude: 5500M.
 Best time to visit: April, May, June,
 Aug, Sep & Oct
 Everest Base Camp Tour
 Destination: Nyalam, Tingri, Gyantse,
 Mt. Everest Base Camp, Shigatse, Lhasa
 Maximum Altitude: 5220M.
 Best time to visit: Jan, Feb, March,
 April, May, June, Aug, Sep & Oct
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Yunnan and Sichuan: Kawakarpo - The Inner Pilgrimage
If Mt.Kailash in western Tibet represents the body of Buddha, Mt.Kawakarpo, unknown to most Westerners and one of the holiest mountains to the Tibetan Buddhists, represents the mind emanation. Join the many pilgrims circumambulating this holy mountain in the province of Shangri-La and you will accrue the most merit for your next life. Youll stay in small communities, overnight in guesthouses, visit eternal waterfalls, and chat with monks and nuns. An amazing trip!

Shangri-la Tour & Trek
This is a 26-day trip which starts and ends in Chengdu, though you also have the option of traveling overland to or from Lhasa. You will view amazing scenery in several places in Kham, in particular the dazzling Mt.Kawa Karpo (6780m). You will then trek through more scenery, including glaciers and hot springs, visiting also several monasteries, and the famous Derge printing house.

The 22,000-foot peak represents the mind emanation of Buddha, while sacred Mt. Kailas, located hundreds of miles away in western Tibet, symbolizes the body of Buddha. Although linked in spiritual tradition, the two mountains could not be more different in their physical environments. Kawakarpo anchors one of a series of north-south ranges that divide the plunging, parallel river valleys of the Mekong, Yangtze and Salween. In sharp contrast to the stark landscape surrounding Kailas, Kawakarpo is surrounded by lush semi-tropical forest, home to over 1,000 bird species, an estimated 2,000 endemic plant species and such exotic mammals as forest leopard, barking deer, and red panda. Diversity and brilliance extend into the multitude of ethnic groups, which include Khampa Tibetans...
Trek & Tour Itinerary
(Inner trekking to Mt.Kawa Karpo 6780m)
Day01: FLY to Chengdu.Meet the Tibet agent.
Day02: Drive from Chengdu to Kanding
Day03: Drive to Lithang
Day04: Drive to Bathang
Day05: Drive to Markham
Day06: Drive to Decheng
Day07: Drive to Kawa Karpo & Mayyang Via Felasi monastery(The BEST VIEW of Mt.Kawa Karpo)
Day08: Start trekking to glacier Via Gontok Monastery and Gonmey Monastery Back to Mayyang
Day09: Rest and Hire the yaks for next trekking
Day10: Next morning trekking to Xithang Via Hot spring
Day11: Trekking to Upper Yupu Via Nangzokla Pass.
Day12: Trekking to Glacier lake and Back to Upper Yupu
Day13: Trekking to Lower Yupu
Day14: Lower Yupu to Water falling of Palmasambhava(Guru Ringpoche Hermitage)and back to Lower Yupu
Day15: Trekking Back to Xithang Hot spring
Day16: Explore around HOT SPRING
Day17: Drive to Bamda
Day18: Drive to Chamdo
Day19: AM:Visit Champaling Monastery.PM:Rest
Day20: Drive to Karmagong Monastery-to Chamdo
Day21: Drive to Derge
Day22: Visit Derge print House
Day23: Drive to Tartsedo
Day24: Drive to Kanding
Day25: Drive to Chegndu
Day26: Fly back to your destination
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